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Accepting orders for EID Sadqa and Aqiqa
Please book as soon as possible, so that animals could be arranged for poor areas, where meat is needed most.

Islamic Downloads

Shows the prayer times of Islamic Prayers.
Zekr :: Open Quranic Project
Zekr is an open Quranic platform aimed to be the common tool to ease access to the holy Quran. It is a non commercial desktop application to ease reading, translating, or researching on the Quran.
uCal - Arabic/English Hijri/Greg Date
The only converter between the Hijri(Islamic) & Gregorian dates, that is 100% compatible with Um AlQura Calendar of Saudi and most of Muslim World.
Adhan Alarm
Adhan Alarm is a fully internationalizable application that plays the Islamic prayer call (adhan) at its designated time. The audio and timetable is fully customizable by the user. Daily and annual prayer times are displayed in a nice color coded table.
Gnome Prayers
 Gprayers is a Gnome Desktop application for calculating Islamic prayer times for different geographic locations.